Practice is the most important aspect of becoming a good writer. Writing is first reading and gathering information, then pondering, and finally expression through words.


In American schools grammar and writing skills are rarely taught, because most children speak English natively from the time they are young. Moreover, teachers give writing as homework, but seldom help the students correct their mistakes. In addition, if there is not an English speaking environment at home, an no conversation or learning influence, then it is not easy to progress. The essence of writing an essay is to use words to expound on a certain ideal or to tell a story. Some basic requirements for a good essay are appropriate word choice, clear sentences, correct grammar, and good structure.



l  Increase vocabulary: actively use new vocabulary, tyr to use more precise words and often vary the words you use.

l  Reinforce grammar, especially the use of prepositions like, in, on, at, under, etc., articles such as a, an, the, etc.., verb tense, and idioms.

l  Read more classic books, participate in more activities; only through your experiences can you make the content in your essays have more meaning.